Hope In Bloom

  We recently held a fundraiser to help women with breast cancer with the help of John Hancock, Manulife and an organization called Hope in Bloom.  Hope in Bloom is a charity that designs and plants gardens for women with breast cancer.  In order to help, Cityscapes sold flowering plants, flowers, herb gardens and more to employees in the John Hancock building.   It was held in the Clarendon lobby of the Brown Building on the Friday before Mother’s Day; enticing husbands, sons and daughters to help with a good cause as well as surprise mom with flowers

Janice Goodman, President and Owner of Cityscapes, is helping to design and install a garden retreat for a woman who is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  The hope is that these gardens will be sanctuaries and havens for those who are sick and that the energy of nature will be beneficial towards a recovery.

 Here’s a picture of Janice Goodman with Vicky Burgess in Vicky’s backyard garden. 

The team at Cityscapes helped transform her backyard into a retreat for herself and for her family.