Janice Goodman attends Green Wall and Roof Certification Ceremony in the Bronx, NY

On April 27 th at the Bronx County Court House in New York, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. together with Janice Goodman, President of Cityscapes in Boston, George Irwin, CEO of Green Living Technologies in New York, and Steve Ritz, teacher at Discovery High School in the Bronx, NY, presented Discovery High School students with their Nationally Recognized Employment Certifications in a ceremony highlighting the youngest citizens in America to have completed an extensive green roof and wall certification program.

From the Left: Presentors Steve Ritz, Ruben Diaz Jr., George Irwin, and Janice Goodman at the ceremony.

Janice Goodman, had contracted Green Living Technologies to train and certify her key staff members as green wall and green roof installers. While working out the details of the training, George Irwin and Jan Goodman had decided to fund this training and certification (via scholarships) to several outstanding horticulture students – two from Silver Lake Regional in Kingston and ten from the Discovery High School in the Bronx. Thirteen Cityscapes’ employees also earned their certifications.  The training took place on February 26th and 27th at Cityscapes’ office and greenhouses.

The certification will give these students a chance to get ahead and employed anywhere in the green industry having completed a rigorous academic training session and completing a professional installation to the satisfaction of the leader to the industry who also has college programs, workforce development, and other training initiatives.

The concept of growing good food, good jobs and good citizens by tapping into one of our greatest wasted resources – urban youth – came from Steve Ritz, a teacher with an impressive dedication to his students and a track record of achievement. At his current teaching position at the Discovery High School in the Bronx, he is working with students in one of the most challenging environments in New York City. Ritz just oversaw the installation of a living, edible green wall that was donated by Green Living Technologies.  He was also the sole recipient of the 2010 US EPA Award, the highest award given to a citizen from the EPA. 

The students from Discovery High School and Silverlake High School along with Jan Goodman, Steve Ritz and George Irwin.