Cityscapes 2011 Holiday Decor Showroom Openings Are A Success!

Can you believe it?

It’s already that time of year again….

On September 8th and 15th, Cityscapes opened its doors for clients to present our 2011 Holiday Showroom.  While our guests enjoyed some light conversation, drinks, and snacks, they got the opportunity to view our new themes for Holiday 2011. Some of our new themes include “Winter Fox”, “Winter Berry”, and “Purple Platinum.”  Popular themes from previous years such as “Winter Sparkle”, “Limelight”, and “Razzle Dazzle” were also on display.  The events were so successful that we decided to open up the showroom for two more nights on September 22nd and the 29th. Enjoy the photo gallery from the events below.

Sue Cunningham of Cityscapes gets the Winter Fox decor ready

Janice Goodman launching the first open house!

Janice Goodman, President, and John Higgins, Sales Rep, cheering on a job well done!

Janice Goodman, Brad Austin from Modular Pots, and Amy Walker of Cityscapes

Janice Goodman and Jen Berube of Cityscapes

Amy Walker, Sales Rep at Cityscapes with Brad Austin of Modular Pots

Now that’s how you sign a contract! Amy Walker with Nagib Charles from Paradigm Properties

If you are interested in attending one of our showroom openings or scheduling a meeting to take a look, please Contact Us here or at 617.451.1364.


It’s National Indoor Plant Week!!

Mark Your Calendars!

September 19th through 23rd is

National Indoor Plant Week!

Why PLANTS you may ask?

Studies show that house and office plants can provide great benefits including:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Purified Air
  • Illness Reduction
  • Dust Reduction
  • Lowered Energy Costs
  • Noise Reduction
  • Sparks of Creativity
  • Mood Elevation
  • Distraction Reduction
  • Improved Appearance of any area


    If you are interested in adding some green to your office, hotel, or residence please Contact Us

What’s Hot in the Boston Office Plant World??

What is one of the newest, most cutting edge designs for office plants in Boston???


Fresh off of the 2011 Plantscape Industry Alliance Expo’s Showroom, modular pots are a unique system which combine office plants, architectural elements, and seating all in one beautiful structure.  The design possibilities are endless!

Check it out!

Presenting Cityscapes newest addition to their Boston office!

If you are interested in finding out more about Modular Pots, please Contact Us

Cityscapes Wins P.I.A. Award of Excellence for their Exterior Landscaping Designs at the Intercontinental Boston!

From August 30th – September 1, 2011 P.I.A.’s annual Plantscape Industry Expo took place at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas.  This interior plantscape expo attracts people in the industry from all over the U.S. each year, staying true to it’s motto “where the interiorscape industry grows.”

On Thursday, Sept 1st the expo came to an end at the Awards Gala where antendees were  inducted into the Interior Plantscape Hall of Fame and recipients of the P.I.A. Awards  were announced.

Janice Goodman & Amy Walker of Cityscapes were honored to accept an Award of Excellence in the Exterior Garden Category for Cityscapes’ Exterior Landscaping Designs at the Intercontinental Boston Hotel (image from the Awards Gala below).  Cityscapes was awarded on exterior landscaping projects completed at the hotel between June of 2009 through October of 2010.

Janice Goodman and Amy Walker at the Awards Gala accepting the award

Janice Goodman with Bill Meade from Architectural Supplements who was also the Chairman of Exhibition

According to Janice Goodman, appropriate plant selection was the biggest challenge at the Intercontinental.  Since the hotel is located on the waterfront, the plants have to be able to withstand the harsh winds and full sun throughout the day.  We made it a priority to select plants that would thrive in this type of atmosphere.  There are forty large terracotta containers encircling the back rotunda area of the hotel that get four seasonal rotations a year to always keep it fresh and colorful.   We used a unique mirage of flowers and foliage each season including tropical yellow mandevilla trellis’, bright red hardy mums, coleus, geraniums, and rare hot pink oleander trees to give the space a “South Beach” feel.  Take a look at some of the winning design photos below.

The planters at the front entrance and valet area of the hotel was also a difficult location for the plants to thrive due to its lack of light and exposure to heavy traffic.  For Spring Cityscapes rotated fresh cut branches every six weeks such as forsythia, flowering quince, and the cherry blossoms pictured below.  During other seasons such as summer, one rotation of tropical foliage such as bromeliads, succulents and phoenix roebellini (below right) was sufficient.

Meil Restaurant, located at the hotel, wanted to create an atmosphere similar to a “French Provence”  while providing privacy for diners on their outdoor patio.  In response to their request, we placed rectangular planters between each table to provide a screen filled with plants reminiscent of France.  An herb garden was also installed so the diners can watch the chef pick fresh product for their meals!  Fruiting citrus trees and flowering topiaires lined the walkway along the  restaurant to accent the theme.  (Below)

Some other categories that were judged in the design competition were Green Roofs, Living Walls, Horticultural Service, Major Renovation, Installation, and Design. To find out more about the P.I.A. Expo and Awards click here