Cityscapes Joins the Effort for Reducing Our Carbon Footprint in Boston

September 15, 2011 (Boston, MA) — The public gathered in Boston’s Back Bay for Carbon Day in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint in the city of Boston.  The  exhibits on display included programs for tree and green space stewardship, green roof and living wall technology,  innovative varieties of  electric transportation,  and information about new plans for electricity use in our city and state.  This year Cityscapes supported the cause by participating in the Urban Foliage exhibit.  Cityscapes displayed two of their free-standing, portable living walls and provided information about the extensive benefits indoor plants and living walls can provide to your space.  The event was sponsored by Boston University Center for Energy and Environmental Studies and Clean Energy and Environmental Sustainability Initiative.

Please take a look at some photos from the event:

Jennifer Berube of Cityscapes, manning the exhibit

For more information about the benefits of plants click here:

Cityscapes is Here to Spread Holiday Cheer!!

Who’s Decking Your Halls This Holiday Season??

Let Cityscapes be the ones to deck your halls for Holiday 2011!!!

Whatever your preference may be– holiday trees, wreaths, garlands, swags, snow scenes, arrangements and poinsettias– this festive season gives us the opportunity to put our design know-how to work!

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DIY Network’s “This New House” Does Segment on Cityscapes Living Walls!


Exciting Happenings at Cityscapes!


September 28, 2011 – At 9:30 P.M. last Wednesday evening, DIY Network aired their “Brave New World” episode of This New House.  The episode included segments on the “New Old Green Modular Home,” a safe and natural way to get rid of ticks and mosquitos, window wells, and of course Cityscapes vertical gardens also known as Living Walls.

Co-Host of This New House, Kevin O’Connor, along with the rest of the film crew shot the segment in Cityscape’s Living Wall Showroom/Greenhouse in the heart of Boston’s Back Bay back in April 2011.  Janice Goodman, President/Owner of Cityscapes, was featured front and center as she guided Kevin through the process of planting an herb “picture wall” for her office.  Janice showcased a variety of systems and custom designs that are available through the latest Living Wall technology.  She also talked about the significant benefits that indoor plants can have on people.  Cityscapes is featured during the last eight minutes of the episode…check it out!!

Below are some pictures from the set!!

Janice Goodman teaching Kevin O’Connor the basics of Living Wall systems.

Janice Goodman with Kevin O’Connor from This New House


This is one of the beautiful living walls that was planted during the shoot!

For more information regarding this episode, click this link: