Cityscapes workers hard at work

Cityscapes workers working together to install a Bamboo Alphonse Karr into a Silver Container at BioMed Realty Trust, Inc.

Pictured: Bernadette Noyes, Pat Tarvares, Mark Bowman, Matt Wilder, and Pat Deleon

Cityscapes decorates 22 properties for Jamestown properties’ Newbury Line

Jamestown properties’ “Newbury Line” was decorated using fresh evergreens, oversized pine comes, burlap ribbons and white winterberry.


Boston Properties Atlantic Wharf has their holiday decorations.. Do you?

Atlantic Wharf’s holiday display consists of Winter exterior planting using Boxwoods, White Glittered 6’ Manzanita Branches, and Recycled Teal Crushed Glass as the top dressing.

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Boston Properties

Atlantic Wharf

280 Congress Street