Check out our Spectacular Living Walls

Dan DeOliveira is one of the Living Wall Maintenance Specialists at Cityscapes.  Here is Dan taking care of the Living Wall at the Fidelity building in downtown Boston, Massachusetts.  The wall is located in Fidelity’s new cafe.  These unique plant displays are great for any area that needs eye-catching and here at Cityscapes, we are working on more and more Living Wall projects at this very moment!


TPIE 2014

Green Plants for Green Buildings members attend TPIE 2014 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida last week.

From left to right: New President of GPGB Joe Zazzera, GPGB board member and Cityscapes’ Owner Jan Goodman, GPGB board member Mary Golden, former GPGB President Mike Lewis, trainer program coordinator Karin Horn



Former President of Green Plants for Green Buildings Mike Lewis holds his Outstanding Leadership Award as he passes the torch to new GPGP President Joe Zazzera.

For more information on GPGB visits their website.

Cityscapes’ 2013 Holiday



It was another successful holiday season here at Cityscapes as we helped decorate Greater Boston inside and out.  Our design team came up with some truly creative new schemes and designs to fit the needs of each space specifically.  Check out the whole gallery at our Holiday Décor page!

It is never too early to get your lobby set up for next year’s holiday season! Call us today and have a safe and Happy New Year!