Brand New Interior Plants at the Independence Mall!

Check out the brand new interior plants at the Independence Mall in Kingston, Massachusetts!  Our Operations Crew (including Nick and Pat, seen below) installed some beautiful new displays in the seating areas of the shopping center.   The mall is undergoing some great transformations and Cityscapes is proud to be involved!  Take a look at the mall’s website to find out about all of the new happenings! 



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First-Ever Well™ Certified Office At CBRE Group


CBRE’s new Well™ Certified Headquarters in LA uses “biophilic air treatment” to create a healthier workplace by the using plants to naturally filter the air.

“As the pioneer of Wellness Real Estate™ and founder of the WELL Building Standard®, Delos is transforming our homes, offices, schools, and other indoor environments by placing health and wellness at the center of design and construction decisions” – Read More about the Delos mission HERE.


‘Nature Deficit Disorder’ Afflicting Children

With this generation’s new dependence on the internet and smartphones, ‘nature deficit disorder’ is beginning to afflict children and adults alike.

Check out this article about how nature can be a cure for a range of psychological disorders, from hyperactivity to depression.


The New Attitude in Hospital Design

Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago

Next time you are laid up in the hospital, the environment may not be as bad as you remember.

More and more architects are working closely with doctors and patients to design new hospitals.

Check out this article about a more relaxing way to recover at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.



Spring is here Boston! After about 20 weeks of complete and utter hatred of the outdoors, it is time to start enjoying the weather again.

Need to touch up the grounds outside your office? Need to give the backyard landcape a makeover? Need some seasonal plantings in those patio plant containers?

 Give us a call today to talk to a designer and we’ll get you set up for the whole season!


Want an office that performs?

Conference Room

‘the fact is offices with well kept plants tend to outperform those which don’t [have plants]’

Read more in this article about the use of plants as a part of office eco-responsibilities!

Not feeling that biophilic connection at the office?  Call us to bring you back to Earth.


New Plant Displays at McGee Toyota in Hanover, MA!

McGee Toyota is going the extra mile to be green by “driving” into Biophilic Design and adding brand new office plants!  Check out the new interior plant displays they have at their Hanover, MA location!  Then, be sure to visit their website at!

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Think Spring

Spring is coming

Much like the rest of Boston, our friend’s at Berry’s Greenhouses Inc. Have seen just about enough of this winter.  The good news is Spring is right around the corner.

As you put your snowshovels away, here at Cityscapes, we will be picking up our garden spades.

Give us a call to get your exterior plantings all set up for the season!


Another Living Wall Arrives in Cambridge, MA at Alden & Harlow



Cityscapes has teamed up with Green Living Technologies once again as Alden & Harlow restaurant in Cambridge, MA added a gorgeous living wall to their dining space!

Patrons can now experience a great meal in an amazing space, focused on biophilic design, at this restaurant located in Harvard Square!  Check out their website and make your reservation today at  Learn more about Biophilic Design, and the human connection to nature at  Also be sure to also take a look at the Green Living Technologies website at


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Twitter’s Living Wall in Cambridge, MA

Our new living wall at Twitter is one of a kind!  This modern look stands out and is a new spin on wall displays!  Give us a call today to find out how we can customize a living wall for you!

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