Spring Plantings at CBRE-One Beacon!

Cityscapes installed Spring plantings at CBRE-One Beacon earlier this month in Boston, Massachusetts.  One Beacon is a platinum level LEED certified building.  LEED stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design and it is a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices.  Our eye catching display at CBRE included Bellis, Pansies, Forsythia and Lamium.  Happy Spring!

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Genzyme Center Gardens

Genzyme Center’s LEED Platinum Certification is the highest level available.  This ‘green’ building employs countless techniques to maximize energy efficiency.  From computer-controlled window blinds maximizing natural light and controlling radiant heat gain, to green roofs reducing the urban location’s ‘heat island’ effect, this building is a living organism.

Live plant gardens on every floor provide not only a peaceful area to work or take a break, but also improve the relative humidity levels of the space.  These gardens also supplement the building’s air cleaning systems by purifying the air, lowering CO2 levels, and decreasing the amount of ambient volatile organic compounds.

Genzyme runs public tours for those who want to experience the nature of this dynamic building and it’s gardens that are maintained by, that’s right, Cityscapes.

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Fake Plants vs. Live Plants

Take a look at what GM of Sydney’s Green Design, Rudy Ursem, has to say about the benefits of live plants compared to their plastic counterparts.

Green Design allows customers to ‘hire’ plants for office spaces in the Syndey area.

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Dan Donahue – Best GM in Massachusetts!

Dan Donahue

Cityscapes congratulates The Lenox’s Dan Donahue as he is recogonized by The Massachusetts Lodging Association as the best General Manager in the state.

Congratulations Dan!  Keep up the great work!


Cityscapes’ Newest Addition

Cityscapes installs a brand new ‘Plug and Play’ living wall in the showroom at their offices on Clarendon Street in Boston.  Working in collaboration with the frame designer and founder of Green Living Technologies George Irwin, Cityscapes’ owner Jan Goodman continues to keep her team on the cutting edge of interior landscape design in Boston.

Also pictured in the gallery are Fidelity Investements’ landscape architect Chuck Carberry, Metamorphosis Design’s Michelle Sousa Peay and husband Chris, and Cityscapes’ living wall specialist Brian Juneau.

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Spring Flowers


Cityscapes creates colorful, textural exterior plantings whether in a container or garden.
Offering four seasonal changes with impeccable horticultural services.

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