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7 Proven Corporate Event Planning Tips

Are you in the middle of corporate event planning but aren’t sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve gathered some helpful advice. Here are seven proven tips you can use to make your corporate event a success.

#1. Understand the Objectives of Your Event

Before you start planning the details you should consider what the overall objectives are for the corporate event. Why are you having the event in the first place? Are you trying to raise money for a good cause, introduce a new product or disclosing new financial information to employees? When you understand the purpose of the event you can develop an agenda that can help you achieve that outcome.

#2. Figure Out the Logistics

Next, figure out the location and logistics for the event. Are you going to have the event onsite or at another location? If you’re having it offsite, how will everyone get to the venue? Is there nearby parking for employees who decide to drive or public transportation available that stops close to the venue? Depending on your budget and the event’s location, you can also consider chartering a bus or car to transport guests.

#3. Create a Central Theme For the Event

Many successful corporate events have a central unifying theme. You can communicate the event’s theme and make a statement using lights, audiovisuals and plants. Besides improving the ambiance, live plants can help reduce stress and make beautiful displays as live art. Just remember to communicate the theme of your event to the vendor beforehand if you are having the event in another location so they can make accommodations.

#4. Choose Items for the Menu

For corporate events that are longer than a couple of hours, you may want to consider providing food for your employees if it’s in the budget. Luckily there are many options for planning a meal when you’re throwing a corporate event. You can have a local restaurant cater the event or have various food trucks stationed outside the premises. When choosing items for the menu, remember to have different options for people with dietary restrictions like vegans and vegetarians. You can also survey the employees ahead of time if possible to find out their specific food preferences to help ensure that everyone has a great dining experience.

#5. Plan a Variety of Activities 

Many people associate corporate events with boring lectures, but that’s not always the case! One way you can keep everything fresh is to plan a mixture of different types of activities to break up the monotony and allow everyone to stretch their legs. For example, your event can have educational workshops and outdoor events. Although it may require some thoughtful planning and additional organizational skills, a variety of activities can make your event stand out.

#6. Hire Professional Event Planners

Corporate event planning can be overwhelming at times, especially if this is your first time planning a big event. After you’ve started planning the details of your event, you should think about whether you have enough people on your team to execute it. If you don’t think you have enough people to successfully pull it off, you may want to consider hiring professional event planners so you can be confident everything will go smoothly. An event coordinator and other professional staff can help make sure everything runs on schedule and take care of the small details.

#7. Ask for Feedback 

Lastly, we recommend asking employees to provide anonymous feedback so you can learn more about how you can improve the next event. Honest feedback can also give you ideas on different themes you can use in future corporate events.

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