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Get The Most Out Of Your Corporate Holiday Design

Holiday decorations are more than fun. They boost team morale by making the workspace cheerful and reminding employees that their bosses care about making their work life comfortable. Plus, it reinforces your image with anyone who comes in contact with your business. So when you hire someone to decorate your business, you’ll want to discuss […]

How to Increase Efficiency and Productivity in the Workplace

A more efficient company or office simply gets more productivity and quality work done at the end of the day than an inefficient one. It doesn’t require a larger team, just better work habits. To develop true efficiency, you must respect regulatory requirements and financial limitations without creating an unsafe workplace. OSHA checklists and the […]

Modernize Your Business Landscaping with Biophilic Design

The modern idea of a functional workplace no longer revolves around a desk in a large office. Each day, wireless communications become more sophisticated. Younger people, who are more used to these new communications methods, are entering the workforce and employers have a new awareness of how employees work best. These new ideas and innovations […]

How Landscape Design Can Contribute To Employee Productivity

Employee Productivity and Health Landscape design is an important part of your business plan and can provide many advantages to a workplace. One of the most subtle and most valuable effects of good landscape design is the boost in employee productivity and health. This is for a few reasons. Seeing Natural Environments Improves Thinking According […]