Japanese peace lily low light indoor house plant
Sansevieria black coral snake plants inside lobby
Low Light plants aglaonema chinese evergreen silver bay

‘We would like some plants in our space but we have no natural light’.  It is request we get frequently at Cityscapes and one that does not phase us at all.  There are several low-light interior plant options that can turn even the darkest of interiors into a space full of life.  For a some options for every light level, check out our office plants and gardens page.

One low light option is the peace lily, or spathiphyllum.  This broad-leaf plant has beautiful white flowers, making it one of our only flowering plant options for low light areas.  Coming in a variety of sizes, these plants are not only inexpensive, but also can be some of the most massive plants for their grow pot size.  The peace lily does need water fairly regularly (at least once per week) and needs a bit more pruning and cleaning due to the size of the foliage.

Image 2 shows another great low-light option; the sansevieria or ‘Snake’ plant.  These more vertically-growing plants are available in multiple sizes and have various variegation patterns.  Options are virtually endless as far as grouping and arrangements for this plant.  The look great in swaths, in rows, or by themselves in a nice tall container.

Another of our favorite low-light plants at Cityscapes is the aglaonema or ‘Chinese evergreen’.  There are virtually endless varieties and variegation patterns available for these plants as well.  To softening a corner of an office,  to a tabletop arrangement, to a massive floor-level garden, this is another extremely versatile option for places that sunlight is hard to come by.

For even more options, contact us for a free consultation with a design executive.  Aslo, check out this HGTV article for some low light plant info!