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How Landscape Design Can Contribute To Employee Productivity

Employee Productivity and Health Landscape design is an important part of your business plan and can provide many advantages to a workplace. One of the most subtle and most valuable effects of good landscape design is the boost in employee productivity and health. This is for a few reasons. Seeing Natural Environments Improves Thinking According […]

Group of young people celebrating with champagne and sparklers at a corporate holiday party

10 Steps to Hosting a Corporate Holiday Party That Your Employees Will Want to Attend

Your corporate holiday party can be a smashing success or a total bust. Whether this is your first time hosting a holiday party or your tenth annual event, you want to make sure that you close out the business year in style. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to help make sure […]

man working in garden center picture horticulture

Horticulture- How to Save the Planet while Creating a Solid Career

No one can deny the importance of plants, not only for us as humans but to our planet as well. And yet, there has been an obvious decline in young adults seeking out degrees in horticulture. Likewise, the horticulture departments at major college campuses are disappearing due to lack of participation. This has created an […]

interior plants pots

4 Health Benefits of Having Interior Plants in Your Home or Office

Interior Plants When it comes to interior decorating, nothing adds instant beauty and character to a room quite like a fragrant bouquet of flowers or a nice potted plant. Interior plants are the perfect addition to any home or office space and help to bring a touch of nature indoors. In addition to bringing elements […]

Yucca, house plant in a pot. white square pot. modern interior design. landscaping of public institutions.

Going Green: Bring Some Botany Into Your Life

Trending Today With all the conveniences and new technology of modern day life, things seem to get busier, and busier… and busier! We hate to even bring up the word stress, but… there’s no point in denying the statistics; we live in a stressed-out nation! A study released earlier this year claims that anxiety levels […]

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