Corporate Landscape Design Practices: Creating a New Aesthetic With Plants

When you think of landscape design in corporate settings, you may consider it a one and done type of procedure. In the past, this might have involved using fake plants to fill the voids of blank walls or drab surroundings. It’s time to take landscape design more seriously as a viable way to not only […]

Peace Lily on small table

Low Maintenance Interior Plants for Your Home or Office

Having plants in a business or at home is an interior decoration tradition, though have you ever wondered what other benefits plants bring? While you’ve likely had greenery in your home or office before, some interior plants are better suited for your environment than others. Certain varieties look more attractive based on your particular exterior […]

Corporate Networking Event

7 Proven Corporate Event Planning Tips

Are you in the middle of corporate event planning but aren’t sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve gathered some helpful advice. Here are seven proven tips you can use to make your corporate event a success. #1. Understand the Objectives of Your Event Before you start planning the details you should consider what the […]

Three Ways You Can Add Green Design to Boost Employee Productivity and Happiness

Whether you manage an office of five people or 500 people, you’ve probably faced the task of refining your office design to improve employee productivity. Most people focus on things like creating open workspaces for better collaboration or adding ergonomic chairs and standing desks for added employee comfort. While these are valuable steps, don’t lose […]

Multitask business woman with many hands. Performing several actions at the same time. Increase Productivity. 90 Minute Run

The 90-Minute Rule and Other Ways to Be More Productive at Work

What is the most important part of your workday? Is it the middle of the day, just after lunch? Perhaps, you think it’s the very end of the day when you accomplish that final task and end your day on a good note. Maybe, you think it’s when you complete a great meeting with a […]