Tokyo, Japan-October 25, 2013: The Hasegawa Green Biophilic Buildings is a good example of how the Japanese ecological architecture marks trends worldwide and is followed by many architects as modern inspiration.

The 5 Best Biophilic Buildings in Asia

First popularized by Edward O. Wilson in 1984, Biophilic design has grown to become one of modern architecture’s hottest trends. Focused on creating sustainable relationships between humans and natural elements, Biophilic design reaches beyond artificial man-made structures. Architect Dwayne MacEwen, Principal of DMAC Architecture, best describes the emerging trend when comparing architecture to music: “The […]

Latina businesswoman working at computer at office desk with potted plants - Biophilic design concept

How to Bring Biophilic Elements into Your Workspace

The importance of Biophilia in urban spaces is growing. The Biophilic Design Movement is in the process of transitioning from a hot architectural trend to an absolute structural component. As stated by Timothy Beatley, author of Biophilic Cities, “Nature is not optional; it’s absolutely essential. It’s something that should be part of every day, every […]

GRAND RAPIDS, MI / USA - OCTOBER 15, 2017: The Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, shown here, has hosted over ten million visitors.

Five Incredible Living Art Installations That Combine Beauty and Purpose

Artists, designers and environmental visionaries have all been known to use plants as functional, beautiful pieces of art. As more people become aware of biophilia, the beneficial relationship between humans and plants, there’s an increasing awareness of and appreciation for these amazing installations. Here are five fascinating “living art” destinations across America and Canada. University […]

Row of living walls behind statue of man sitting

Cityscapes Wins 3 International Design Awards for Plantscaping

Milan, Italy - June 05, 2016: Pair of residential towers with trees called Bosco Verticale in the Porta Nuova district designed by Boeri Studio

Famous Biophilic Designs of Europe

Biophilic design still carries the assumption of a quirky or artistic architectural experiment. But growing scientific evidence clearly states the various benefits of incorporating biophilic elements, proving that this trend of today will soon become the norm of tomorrow. As described by Executive Producer Stephen Kellert from the movie “Biophilic Design: The Architecture of Life”: “Biophilic […]

Coworkers eating healthy

Workplace Wellness Programs and Employee Productivity

Recent market data show that corporate wellness programs in the U.S. are an $8 billion industry. With a projected growth rate of 7.8 percent through 2021, the industry doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Rising number of competitors, increasing technological advancements, and spiraling healthcare costs are driving companies to actively invest in the well-being of their […]

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Simple Ways to Increase Productivity By Keeping Employees Happy

Have you ever had a job where you arrive to work each day and had to force yourself to walk through the front doors? Chances are you have employees who feel the same way from time to time. It’s important to strive to make your workplace a place people want to work. When employees are […]