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What is biophilia and what is so special about biophilic design?  Biophilia can be described as the human innate emotional connection to nature.  It is the reason behind Frederick Law Olmsted’s amazing parks as well as the reason behind that little plant on the receptionist’s desk.

Human beings are internally hardwired to have a distinct and positive psychological reaction to all things nature.  We are drawn to natural colors, textures, patterns, smells and sounds alike.

Nature is where our human race was born and where we evolved.  It makes perfect sense that we go to the park or the beach to relax in our free time outside of our hours sitting inside cold an unwelcoming buildings all week.  It is perfectly logical that the first selection of computer desktop backgrounds consists of all things nature.  This amazing infographic by Green Plants for Green Buildings and NewPro Containers is the perfect illustration of biophilic design and it’s benefits.