New High Performance Workspace at Kronos

Click the picture or the link below for a brief article about Kronos’ new space,

complete with Cityscapes’ living walls.


Office-Scale Living Walls

Ask about our plant portrait living walls as a unique alternative or  supplement to other plants for your space!


Cityscapes’ Redesigned Office Greenhouse!

Swing by Cityscapes’ newly redesigned greenhouse today to check out a few options for your space in this beautiful and unique environment!


Jim Mumford: Living Architecture

Jim Mumford shares some info about the benefits of plants while taking a look at some beautiful living architecture.

Complimentary Digital Imaging Service

See your finished project before you make a decision!

Cityscapes’ designers can show you what your new project will look like upon it’s completion using imaging software to draw up proposed designs.  Just request a digital image with your proposal!

Check out to see more!


Cityscapes monthly greenhouse meetings

Cityscapes’ horticulturalists and operations department come together to talk about the latest plantscaping products to hit the market at monthly company meetings.

Liven Up Your Space This Winter!

Want to liven up your workplace?

Cityscapes’ interior plants and living walls offer a stylish way to clean the air, reduce stress, and bring your space to life!

Just ask our friends at Harvard Graduate School of Education: Gutman Library.


Cityscapes’ Newest Living Wall Expert

Say Hi to Kelly, Cityscapes’ newest living wall expert.

Even when Kelly is not on-site with her bright smile, the living walls she maintains will definitely brighten your day

Warm up your lobby this season with a custom Colorbowl!

As the temperature plummets in Boston this season, our custom colorbowls are exactly what you need to warm up your office atmosphere.