We Went to Seattle…

…And you won’t believe what we experienced! We toured some of the biggest and best Corporate Headquarters, and saw some of the most creative and innovative interior plant designs we have ever seen. Check out the story below…

Amazon Spheres Living Walls

The Story of Why We Went, and What We Saw…

To say our experience last month was life changing would be an understatement.

A year ago, partnered with some amazing interiorscape companies from across North America, we purchased an auction item at an industry fundraiser to benefit our sister organization, Green Plants for Green Buildings. The auction included visiting a pioneer in the industry, Botanical Designs, located in Seattle. Along with a site visit to their facilities, we would be able to tour some of their amazing work in and around Seattle. We were honored to visit some of the world’s most iconic brands, see their investment in horticulture, interior plantscaping, biophilia, architecture, and so much more. So, last month, Cityscapes owner Jan Goodman along with other industry professionals, traveled to Seattle and saw and experienced these beautiful locations and their investment in all things nature and plants.

We visited Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon Spheres, Facebook, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and many other spectacular properties. Some we were not able to take photography of, but here are some photos of our journey, and a few nuggets we learned at each stop along the way. We are so fortunate to see the creativity through the eyes of others and are excited to present this to you as well as our team to continue to raise the bar of design and interior plants in Boston. Take a peek and let us know your thoughts by replying or commenting!

This is one of the largest companies in the country, and our esteemed host for our several days in Seattle.

Their commitment to professionalism shows in everything they do! Their facilities show their passion for the industry.

Special thanks to their INCREDIBLE team for arranging each of these tours, we are so thankful for them!

We were amazed by many things here – first their desire to share their entire HQ with us.

Next, their extreme commitment to their culture, their history, and their team.

Last but not least, the use of plants and nature was EVERYWHERE – so impressed with this iconic brand!

What an amazing campus, with 128 building and over 57,000 employees reporting daily – it truly is a nature and horticulture focus.

Although we were not able to take any photos of this beautiful location, what we saw and learned was truly amazing!

Centered in the middle of the Amazon HQ, it is a place envisioned by Jeff Bezos to allow his Amazon team to go to be with nature and do their work. With over 40,000 plants from all over

the world, it is truly a horticultural symphony. Outfitted with a conference room, a coffee shop, and individual work areas, this iconic downtown Seattle biosphere is only accessible to Amazon employees, their guests and the public on specific weekend days.

This facility is their Seattle HQ, which focuses on “what is coming out in Facebook next”, so our cameras were in our pockets most of the tour.

We were amazed how almost every space was covered in beautiful plants, lining conference rooms, cubicles, seating areas, the cafeteria, and the exterior.

Although we were not able to take many photos, we can assure you the investment by Facebook in interior plants and design was significant.

Not only was the investment in interior plants amazing, we were most impressed with learning the stateside and worldwide effect on this amazing organization.

They have 1,100 employees, and each of those employees have impact on 1,000,000 people worldwide! WOW! Such a spectacular investment in a beautiful facility with extreme purpose.

As you can see, it was truly an amazing several days walking and touring some of Seattle’s most iconic sites. In all, we walked over 11 miles in just a short few days! It was WELL WORTH it! Here are a few more shots of our group, some other sites we saw, and also the FUN we had while exploring. Be sure to comment and tell us your thoughts are on this amazing journey! Until next time…