Cityscapes visits New England Grows

Cityscapes President Jan Goodman and Paul Cavicchio owner of Cavicchios Nursery at New England Grows.

On February 1st 2012 New England Grows kicked off their annual trade show and green industry seminars at the Boston Convention & Exhibition center.

Cityscapes designers and buyers were in attendance along with 13,000+ other green industry professionals,  all looking for the latest  and greatest in exterior landscape plant varieties and designs. Cityscapes President Jan Goodman also networked with new and current vendors to find out what is happening on the growers end of things.  Their designers attended  seminars on new plant varieties and native plants for ideas for the upcoming seasons. Cityscapes is looking forward to the spring plantings which are right around the corner and are excited to utilize all the information they gathered  .

Nice holly fern and Tillandsia's in birch containers.

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