Corporate Landscape Design Practices: Creating a New Aesthetic With Plants

When you think of landscape design in corporate settings, you may consider it a one and done type of procedure. In the past, this might have involved using fake plants to fill the voids of blank walls or drab surroundings.

It’s time to take landscape design more seriously as a viable way to not only improve the aesthetic value of your office space, but also the air quality.

Take a look at some recent corporate landscape design trends to show you what’s possible at numerous levels.

The Advent of More Experiential Design

One major trend in this design field is creating more experiential environments, both outdoors and indoors.

You’re seeing a more concerted effort to make corporate settings more enjoyable as a place to not only work, but have more pleasant employee experiences. This includes adding more walking and bicycling paths, or gardens to provide places for solace.

With the corporate world often being hectic, this experiential trend is one to keep in mind to create less stress. It’s a chance for your employees to meditate so they brainstorm for more innovative ideas.

More Sustainability in Landscaping

Many corporations bring sustainable practices in numerous ways now. In landscaping, it’s becoming a major trend, especially in eco-friendly water management.

How you take care of your plants indoors and outdoors is going to play a big part in how you water them. You’re seeing more corporations use plants that don’t require as much water for conservation, including eliminating excessive maintenance.

Succulents are a popular plant variety needing hardly any water, including cacti. If you travel often, these are beautiful plants unable to die on you if you forget to water every week. However, they do need more sun, so you’ll need to keep them by a well-lit window.

The Trend in Using More Colorful Plants

Greenery is still in, but so are more colorful plants for use in office settings. Companies have begun to add uniquely colored plants with purple, pink, or even patterns.

Pink Princess Philodendron is one good example, as is Tri-Color Oyster Plant for a purple tinge. You’re even seeing dwarf fruit trees being used in corporate settings. This is truly a unique trend, even if it does require a little extra maintenance.

The color from growing a small lemon tree in an office suite can add huge visual interest when meeting with guests.

Green Dividers

Rather than use standard cubicle walls, some companies are starting to use green dividers as a unique way to bring plants into the workplace.

These green walls work better for noise reduction, including bringing far more privacy. At the same time, using the right type of plant, you can use these to help purify the air from chemicals and other pollutants.

It’s common to see these as stand-alone pieces or working as full dividers.

Plants Cleaning the Air

As part of your more green initiative in your company, you’ll want to think about how plants can purify the air around you. This works outdoors as well as indoors.

Not all plants are good at this, though others are better known for absorbing chemicals like benzene or formaldehyde. These pollutants are often hidden in carpets or furniture, bringing potential illness if you inhale them every day for long hours.

Ficus benjamina, or even Aloa are two of the best air-purifying plants out there. Some of these plants are large enough to fill in spaces to make your office more presentable. Even if you have a lot of office furniture, plants add a visual interest and down-to-earth feel to remove any sterile corporate appearance.

Visit us at Cityscapes Inc. so we can help you achieve these corporate landscape trends to create a new and refreshing aesthetic.

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