Meet our featured employee for the month of June, Evandro Monteiro.  Evandro is an operations foreman and he has been with Cityscapes for just over 3 years.

This absolute stud is one of the best plant installation experts we have seen come through the doors here at Cityscapes and he truly takes pride in his work on every single job.  A born perfectionist, his natural ability to make design improvements on site is unmatched.

If an occasional and unexpected speedbump ever occurs on or off-site, his responsiveness and resourcefulness make him an asset unlike any other.  He goes into the most difficult, tedious, and labor-intensive installations with an extremely contagious smile on his face.

Evandro is also quite the basketball player and can be found at the warehouse court handing out beatings to anyone who dares challenge him 1 on 1.

Evandro, you have been an all-star employee and colleague since day one.  Happy 3-year anniversary, we hope you will be around for the next 3 and beyond.

-The Cityscapes Team