Nick Scoppa

Nick Scoppa: Warehouse Manager and Overall Awesome Guy.

Introducing Cityscapes’ Warehouse Manager, Nick Scoppa. This talented guy has been with Cityscapes for over 11 years and he has more operational knowledge of interior plant installations than anyone who has been through our doors.
Originally from Everett, Nick was on the installation crews for years and taught many of our current and past employees the best practices for installations throughout many of our departments.
Currently Nick manages all of our shipments and warehouse inventory and makes sure we are ready to take on all of our jobs, often consulting on some of the most unique and large scale installations.
Nick has been loyal employee to Cityscapes through thick and thin and shows up every morning ready to grind. His years of experience in the field have helped immensely to make Cityscapes as successful as we are today.
In his spare time Nick loves to be with his beautiful family and friends. He and his wife and twin boys have recently moved into a new home.

Nick is also an excellent Jet-skier. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him make his way to the Freestyle World Finals soon. Nick is also celebrating a birthday this month. Happy Birthday Nick!

And thank you for all you have done for Cityscapes and all the people you have worked with over the years!

-The Cityscapes Team