Trish Bearisto Cityscapes Financial Controller

Meet the lovely Trish Bearisto! Trish is our financial controller and she is absolutely amazing at her job.  Never has accounts payable been more paid and accounts receivable more received.  Not sure that sentence makes sense, but she is just an absolute magician with numbers.  Better with digits than our marketing team with copywriting if you can believe it.

Trish ‘the dish’ has been with us since October of 2014, jumped in with both feet and hasn’t missed a beat since.  She absolutely loves her job here on both good days and bad.  She fiercely and passionately owns her position and tries to help other departments as much as she can.  Those are qualities we love to see in our employees, even if they couldn’t keep a cactus alive in the desert.

Trish is an avid foodie, always giving out great recipes and tips to her colleagues here at Cityscapes including great restaurant recommendations.  She is an amazing caretaker of her family and loves spending time with her granddaughter.  She enjoys simple things like heading to the beach in the summer and hanging by the firepit.

Thank you, Trish, for all you do! We hope you will be with Cityscapes forever!

-The Cityscapes Team