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Low Maintenance Interior Plants for Your Home or Office

Having plants in a business or at home is an interior decoration tradition, though have you ever wondered what other benefits plants bring? While you’ve likely had greenery in your home or office before, some interior plants are better suited for your environment than others.

Certain varieties look more attractive based on your particular exterior design. Others are easier to care for if you don’t have enough quality office time. You’ll also find plants providing air-cleaning qualities if you don’t want to rely on air purifiers.

Take a look at this list of plants you should consider for improved office design.

Peace Lily Plants

If you want to find a plant helping to clean the air, Peace Lily is one of the best. More formally known as Spathiphyllum, it’s a large plant needing little light. It’s a perfect choice if you need to fill space and have few windows.

The largeness of a peace lily is advantageous in its ability to purify your office air. NASA put this plant at the top of their list when studying plants with the best air purifying capabilities.

Peace Lily is known for removing the often dangerous chemicals Benzene and Trichloroethylene, making your interior spaces healthier. Plus, the plant helps provide more moisture in the air if you’re continually suffering from dry air problems.

Jade Plant

Those of you looking for a plant with little maintenance should consider Jade Plant in your home or office. This plant comes from Japan and is known for its succulence and small flowers.

With a formal name of Crassula ovata, the plant can live for years without needing excessive watering. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for something attractive that won’t die on you if you forget to water now and again.

These plants do prefer bright light, though, so be sure to keep it by a brightly sunlit window.

Gerber Daisies

As a flowering plant, Gerber Daisy (Gerbara) is beautiful to look at and one of the best at filtering toxins. Many plant experts say these quickly brighten up a room if you feel your home or office space is too drab.

Out of all the pollutants its known to help filter out, benzene is one of the most notable. Benzene is known to emit from printing products, so using Gerber daisies in office settings is usually more common.

Many other pollutants that frequently infiltrate work areas are consumed by this plant, making it a top pick for any office setting.

Cactus Plants

You can’t go wrong buying a cactus plant in any variety if you don’t want to water plants often. The only thing they do need more of is sunlight. It’s best to buy these if you have a lot of windows in your home or office suite. They prefer considerable sunshine but don’t really like being watered too much.

Anyone who has to travel often can still enjoy any cactus plant for more than a decade with proper care. Of course, in the wild, they live for hundreds of years. Even so, ten years can make your cactus plant assimilate into your interior office design.

Weeping Fig Plant

Known as Ficus benjamina, this is one of the best plants available for filtering pollutants from various sources. Along with filtering benzene, it also consumes formaldehyde.

Some of these pollutants are commonly hidden in carpets or furniture. Your office furniture, for instance, may have more pollutants than you realize from heavy use over a period of time.

Adding a weeping fig plant will do the job, along with filling major space. The waxy green leaves are very attractive and should replace any fake plants you have around your work space.

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