Some great thoughts about sustainable artificial lighting by Jackie Edwards:

“More people than ever care about the environment, which has lead to an increased demand for environmentally friendly products in Boston. However people aren’t just buying things that are good for nature; they are also looking for products that are good for their bodies. This has resulted in a rise in demand for biophilic design and interiorscaping, as well as an increased demand for lighting that can improve your health. It is definitely in trend to look after yourself and the world around you – even when it comes to interior design!

This is why many people are considering switching to LED lighting; they are environmentally healthy and, just like indoor plants, they can also help to improve your health.

Interested? Here are a few reasons to consider switching to LED lighting.

They are better for your heal

One of the main reasons why people install interiorscapes in their home is to help improve their mood and their health – but did you know that lighting can affect your health too? Poor lighting can have a strong negative impact on your health; it can lower your mood, affect your eyesight and even cause SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder). Thankfully LED lights are light and bright, so they don’t affect your health in a negative way. Also, since they’re not harmful to you, they won’t negatively affect your indoor plants either.

There are fewer hazardous materials

One of the main benefits of LED lighting is that it contains fewer hazardous materials. Unlike most other light bulbs LED lights are completely free from mercury, which is bad for the environment and your health. This means that you don’t need to arrange for your light bulbs to be professionally disposed of; you can just put them in the bin instead!

They last longer than normal bulbs

LED light bulbs tend to last for much longer than other light bulbs. A standard incandescent light bulb will last for approximately 1,000 hours, while a fluorescent light bulb will last between roughly 8,000 and 10,000 hours.

An LED light bulb will work for much longer as they can last for up to 50,000 hours. This means that you don’t need to buy as many light bulbs in your lifetime, which is better for the environment as you are creating less waste.

They are energy efficient

LED light bulbs can help to significantly reduce your carbon footprint as they are more energy efficient than other bulbs. This is because most other light bulbs emit heat in all directions as they are spherical, which requires a lot of energy, but LED lights emit light hemispherically, which reduces the amount of light and energy that is being produced.

You don’t need as many lights

LED lights are much stronger than normal bulbs, so you don’t need to use as many bulbs to get the same effect. For example, a 36 watt LED light is just as effective as a 84 watt incandescent light.

There are lots of reasons to switch to LED lighting; they last longer than normal bulbs, they are less hazardous and they are more energy efficient. Boston has made huge leaps to become more environmentally friendly in the last decade, and you can join the eco-movement by replacing the bulbs in your house!”

-Jackie Edwards