Jennifer Caulfield Director of Horticulture at Cityscapes

We are happy to announce the featured employee for the month of May, the lovely Jennifer Caulfield.

Jenn is our director of horticulture and she has been with Cityscapes for about 12 years!  Jenn started at Cityscapes as an assistant to the head of finance.  Since then, she has learned the company inside and backwards and has become extremely close to staff and many other long-time employees.

These days, 12 years at the same company is roughly equivalent to 1 eon, and that’s if you round down.  Jenn’s dedication to Cityscapes is unmatched and unequivocal.  She continues to be one of the hardest working people we have seen come through the doors and on top of that is an absolute pleasure to have as a colleague.

Jenn heads the plant care SWAT team of horticulturalists who move swiftly and effectively through our clients’ many offices to keep the plants looking amazing 24/7.  At over 500 spaces, some with thousands of plants, this is no small feat.  Jenn doesn’t do small feats and coincidentally wears the largest shoes you will ever see on a young woman.  But really, the scheduling and coordination involved is an immense challenge that Jenn handles as just one of her many responsibilities.

Fun fact about Jenn, she absolutely despises attention.  This is precisely why the marketing department has waited until she is 2500 miles away on vacation to post this ‘featured employee’ article.  We figure the travel time on the way home is enough to help mitigate any potential blowback.  Jenn is currently surfing somewhere in the Caribbean, and despite being a terrible surfer, truly enjoys the rush of balancing on a polished plank above the unstoppable force of mother nature and whatever creatures lurk in the depths.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation Jenn! And thank you for all you do at Cityscapes!

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