• Giving Back

    Cityscapes is always striving to give back to the community, especially when it involves the city’s youth and underprivileged.

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How we give back

Cityscapes gives back by donating plant material and holiday decorations to local charities and non-profit organizations such as the Brookview House, Friends of the Elderly, The Home for Little Wanderers, The Pine Street Inn, The American Cancer Society, Hope in Bloom, Rosie’s Place, and the Veterans Hospitals throughout Boston.

Cityscapes also invites children from the local daycare centers to our greenhouse so they can learn about plants and how they help our environment.  Our staff regularly takes trips to schools such as Ellis Memorial Elementary in Roxbury take part in creative activities such as planting, creating flower arrangements, and other arts and crafts.

We also partner with Vinfen, a placement agency for people with disabilities, and have provided jobs for the  men and woman for over 18 years.