Three Ways You Can Add Green Design to Boost Employee Productivity and Happiness

Whether you manage an office of five people or 500 people, you’ve probably faced the task of refining your office design to improve employee productivity. Most people focus on things like creating open workspaces for better collaboration or adding ergonomic chairs and standing desks for added employee comfort. While these are valuable steps, don’t lose sight of one easy change that can reap big benefits: introducing more green design into your office.

Research shows that incorporating plants in the workplace can improve productivity, increase creativity, and sharpen employee focus. The effects can even extend to employee health. Being around plants or viewing nature scenes can elevate your employees’ mood and wellbeing. It also lowers their heart rate and blood pressure. With all of the benefits plants have to offer, what are you waiting for? Here are three easy ways to get started.

Place Statement Pieces In Central Areas

Start your design process by placing living art pieces in central areas of your office. A vibrant centerpiece of colorful flowers and greenery displayed in the lobby will draw the eyes of clients, visitors and employees every time they pass by it. Thriving plant arrangements placed in conference rooms or waiting rooms will provide a positive visual impact on both clients and employees. And common areas near hallways and elevators are ideal locations for tall plants that take up very little floor space but provide a respite for the eyes and mind. By placing statement pieces in central areas, you can positively impact the most people at once.

Incorporate Unique Plants Into Employee Workspaces

Now that you’ve addressed the central areas of your office, it’s time to focus on employee spaces such as cubicles, workrooms, kitchen areas and bathrooms. These are the spaces your employees use every day, and you can add plants to make an immediate impact.

Start with a series of calming centerpieces such as Japanese-themed zen gardens or bonsai tree arrangements in the kitchen and dining areas. Then energize the office by incorporating flowering plants in the employee workrooms or within each cubicle area. In the bathrooms, add some subtle, low-profile plants on the countertops that provide a pleasant visual appeal without getting in the way. Keep lines of sight in mind as you position these plants since every employee should have a chance to see some green when they look around or get up and walk around.

Create A Green Space The Entire Company Can Enjoy 

Many companies offer perks such as gym facilities, foosball and ping pong tables, or onsite food prep for their staff. Why not offer your own company perk in the form of an indoor garden? These relaxing spaces are easy to set up. They can be as small or as large as your available space will allow.

Try to pick an area with high visibility so that employees can benefit from looking at the garden. Indoor trees, flowering shrubs, and water or rock features can be combined to form an idyllic space. This can lower stress levels and promote happiness and creativity. For example, tech startup GIPHY recently created an indoor garden of hanging plants in their New York headquarters. The garden is just one of several design elements that showcase the company’s colorful, fun and friendly attitude.

We hope these ideas have got you thinking about how you can add green design elements to your office. Employee productivity is essential to your company’s success. Why not take advantage of every design element you can to increase that productivity? With a little more greenery in the workplace, you could soon see some very happy, productive employees.

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