Start up team meeting to improve office culture

New Techniques to Improve Office Culture

Times have definitely changed in workplaces all around the world. In today’s corporate world, we find a staff that is more centered on their individual needs than that of the organization. The notion of taking one for the team is a little different than in the corporate world of days past. That doesn’t mean that […]

Mature man in wheelchair with smartphone in an office, more productive at work with wellness tips and indoor plants

4 Ways to be More Productive at Work

The gig economy has changed the way so many of us earn our living that it can be hard to keep up with. Whether you’re a hard-working freelancer, or you’re thinking about starting a side hustle as a way to earn yourself some extra cash on the side, or you spend a majority of the […]

Hygge vide in the office with biophilic design. Woman happily working

Biophilic Design – Becoming More Productive with Hygge

Hygge -(pronounced hue-guh or hoo-ga), is a Danish term meaning cozy or comfortable. #Hygge was tagged over 1.5M times on Instagram and was Pinterest’s hottest home decorating trend.  What is Hygge?  It is one of the best ways to relax and become more productive by creating an environment that inspires, feels comfortable, and promotes productivity. The benefits are […]

young woman feel carefree and take a deep breath at nature outdoor. Health and Wellness concept

Take a Deep Breath: Good Green Outings in Boston

Health and Wellness Getting out and enjoying a natural space can be good for you – all of you. Studies have shown that spending time in nature, or just bringing some of the outside world inside, can have a positive impact on your mind, body, and spirit. Green outings in Boston can improve health and […]

Micro-irrigation system

Low-Pressure, High Sustainability: Micro-Irrigation Systems

How do you water that living wall? Why is that building’s landscape so lush when everyone else has the same ocean of dry, brown bark dust dotted with boring box hedges and juniper bushes? How can Boston Cityscapes take our biophilic campus to the next level of sustainability?  Whenever we’re maintaining our award-winning existing plantscape projects or […]

The facade of the "La grande epicerie de Paris" is covered with living wall (Paris, France - August 21, 2018: The facade of the "La grande epicerie de Paris" is covered with living wall.

Make Corporate Landscape Design Practices Compatible with Your Company Image

Corporate brand identities and the broader image is typically born (or reborn) in the marketing realm, where positioning and messaging is developed. Marketing taglines and brand strategies are fundamental to sales and growth plans, and quite often, they are the primary focus of top execs.  And nowhere is corporate image more visible than at your […]

An indoor palm tree in an office board room

Three Expert Ways to Care for Your Indoor Palm Tree

There’s a good reason why indoor palm trees are so popular. Nothing evokes the calm, refreshing breezes of an exotic tropical isle quite like the majestic palm tree. Entering a room with palm trees is not only a beautiful sight, but it also calms the spirit and conjures images of island vacations. With 2600 species of palmsto choose […]

Green landscape design corporate office. Employee heath and wellness concept

Designing A Landscape For Employee Health and Wellness

A 2011 study published in Public Health Report found that employees felt less stress when they have contact with nature. The scientists conducting the survey even broke down the types of contact with nature that seemed to have the biggest effect: they found that going outdoors and experiencing nature directly reduced stress the most, with direct contact […]

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