An indoor palm tree in an office board room

Three Expert Ways to Care for Your Indoor Palm Tree

There’s a good reason why indoor palm trees are so popular. Nothing evokes the calm, refreshing breezes of an exotic tropical isle quite like the majestic palm tree. Entering a room with palm trees is not only a beautiful sight, but it also calms the spirit and conjures images of island vacations. With 2600 species of palmsto choose […]

Green landscape design corporate office. Employee heath and wellness concept

Designing A Landscape For Employee Health and Wellness

A 2011 study published in Public Health Report found that employees felt less stress when they have contact with nature. The scientists conducting the survey even broke down the types of contact with nature that seemed to have the biggest effect: they found that going outdoors and experiencing nature directly reduced stress the most, with direct contact […]

living walls at amazon spheres seattle

Corporate Landscape Design Practices: Take a Cue from Industry Leaders

Corporate landscape design should take into account your corporate image and how users interact with your building and landscape. Amazon’s Spheres meeting rooms reportedly feature 400 different species of plants. Apple has planted over 8,000 trees on its California campus.  Chances are your landscaping budget is a little smaller than theirs.  Rather than being awed and overwhelmed by […]

productivity at work employees working together

6 Ways to Improve Productivity at Work

Employees are the most valuable assets for businesses both big and small. They can either break or make your enterprise. Therefore, you need to keep your employees happy and satisfied to increase their productivity. Productive employees help your business grow and assure business success and survival. They get work done quickly and reduce time spent […]

Modern room decoration. Collection of various potted cactus and succulent plants on white shelf against pastel turquoise colored wall. interior plants office

5 Interior Plants That Will Fit Right on Your Desk!

When you spend a majority of your time at your desk, it helps to add a few personal touches. That’s why so many of us have pictures of our families, a funny calendar, or even a little plastic lizard who hangs out on top of our computers. But if you really want to brighten up your work […]

Environmentally Friendly Corporate Event Planning: Confident lady presenting information to business guests

Tips for Environmentally Friendly Corporate Event Planning

Whether it’s a shareholders’ meeting, training session, executive retreat, or “just” a project kickoff meeting, the planning for any company event is fundamental to its success. Before the first email is sent to invitees – and often before a venue is selected – it’s important to consider the underlying message and impression your event will […]

Group of various indoor cacti and succulent plants in pots isolated on a white background

Decorate Your Office with Easy-Care Succulent Plants

Any desk, entry stand or conference table in the office looks better with a healthy, attractive container of colorful plants upon it. Fresh flowers make a mess and don’t last long at all, while some traditional houseplants need lots of maintenance. Consider a low-maintenance arrangement of unusual and colorful succulents for these situations. These plants […]

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