corporate landscape garden outside office building with river of stone

How to Take Corporate Landscaping A Step Further with Modern, Sustainable Designs

Today, modern contemporary designs include many green features, which could be continued into the design of landscaping. With corporate landscaping, there are design planning needs for landscaping inside and outside of buildings. Modern sustainable landscaping design helps to make contemporary designs stand out from the surrounding asphalt jungles of modern society. In addition, having a […]

Jan Goodman, Samantha Goodman, Ilana Marks-Moses standing behing NBC 10 Boston Newsdesk

TransPlanted Roaming Greenhouse in the News

Boston’s Transplanted Roaming Greenhouse and the women who operate it draw media attention

employee productivity at work concept

5 Proven Ways To Improve Employee Productivity

The greatest asset any company can have is its workforce. Employees are responsible for driving the company’s goal and vision forward. Therefore, improving employee productivity and keeping them motivated is vital for the success of the company. When an employee is motivated, he goes the extra mile. So as an employer, you need to create […]

Biophilic Design: tree growing out of a library book

Enriching Academic Environments with Biophilic Design

Nature’s role in our well-being isn’t up for debate. Corporations are integrating rich natural landscapes—indoors and out—throughout their campuses to improve productivity and well-being among their employees. Individuals keep houseplants to create a relaxing home environment and to “scrub” toxins from the air. Where do we need productivity, engagement, wellness, and—dare we say it—less toxic […]

Start up team meeting to improve office culture

New Techniques to Improve Office Culture

Times have definitely changed in workplaces all around the world. In today’s corporate world, we find a staff that is more centered on their individual needs than that of the organization. The notion of taking one for the team is a little different than in the corporate world of days past. That doesn’t mean that […]

Mature man in wheelchair with smartphone in an office, more productive at work with wellness tips and indoor plants

4 Ways to be More Productive at Work

The gig economy has changed the way so many of us earn our living that it can be hard to keep up with. Whether you’re a hard-working freelancer, or you’re thinking about starting a side hustle as a way to earn yourself some extra cash on the side, or you spend a majority of the […]

Hygge vide in the office with biophilic design. Woman happily working

Biophilic Design – Becoming More Productive with Hygge

Hygge -(pronounced hue-guh or hoo-ga), is a Danish term meaning cozy or comfortable. #Hygge was tagged over 1.5M times on Instagram and was Pinterest’s hottest home decorating trend.  What is Hygge?  It is one of the best ways to relax and become more productive by creating an environment that inspires, feels comfortable, and promotes productivity. The benefits are […]

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