Indoor Plants and Interior Gardens: What we offer

Indoor plants and interior gardens have been the core of Cityscapes since our start in 1992.  Since then, this service has grown to incorporate far more than just plants in pots.

Cityscapes offers a virtually endless variety of tropical plants, flowers, arrangements and containers for businesses in Greater Boston.  While we do still offer a some more economic office plant options, we also offer amazing custom displays using unique and rare containers, plants and flowers imported from all over the world.

Also, Cityscapes design executives stay on the cutting edge of interior design styles and innovations and we are constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to incorporating office plants and interior gardens alongside other natural elements.

One element of our indoor plant service that sets us apart from other companies is our sustainable and unique Living Art Collection. Scroll down for more information.

We also design, install and maintain interior living walls. Visit our living walls page for more information on these lush vertical gardens of plants.

Below is a gallery of various spaces we design and service.

Living Art and Color Bowl Collections

Living Art is the Cityscapes green alternative to fresh-cut flowers.  We offer a more unique and more sustainable way to bring life to your space.  Instead of cutting flowers that will have to be thrown away inside of a week, Cityscapes plants arrangements of foliage and flowering plants that will look great for up to a month before they are rotated out for a fresh new look.  Plants are then reused whenever possible and quite often cleaned up and replanted into a new arrangement.

Bring the ‘Wow’ factor to your reception desks and coffee tables with these incredible, custom-designed live plant pieces.  These are some of the reasons why this sustainable solution is perfect for your space:

Less costly than weekly fresh-cut flowers.

Less frequent deliveries require less fuel which reduces emissions.

Most plants are reused or donated month-to-month while expired plants are composted.

Living Art always has a fresh, unique and ever-changing look.

The design of each piece can be customized for a specific theme or lobby.

Living Art pieces are created with season-embracing designs.

The small scale arrangements are perfect for events and parties.

Our highly trained horticulturalists maintain all living art pieces under our guaranteed maintenance contract.

Living Art arrangements perfectly complement permanent office plants and gardens.