What is Living Art?

Living Art is the Cityscapes green alternative to fresh-cut flowers.  This is a more unique and more sustainable way to bring life to your space.  Bring the ‘Wow’ factor to your reception desks and coffee tables with these incredible, custom-designed live plant pieces.  Below are some of the reasons why this sustainable solution is perfect for your space.

Living Art is less costly than weekly fresh-cut flowers.

Living Art deliveries are less frequent, so they require less fuel.

Most plants are reused or donated month to month.

Expired plants are composted.

Living Art always has a fresh, unique and ever-changing look.

Living Art pieces are created with season-embracing designs

Living Art is perfect for events and parties

Living Art design can be customized for specific theme or lobby

Living Art pieces are maintained by our highly trained horticulturalists

Living Art arrangements are the perfect supplement to permanent office plants and gardens.

Flowering Plant Rotations

Cityscapes offers a variety of flowering plant rotations. These are not cut flowers. The plants are planted in small containers or planter beds and are regularly rotated. Frequency and variety of the rotations directly affects the cost. With all of our options it easy to find a beautiful and cost effective way to brighten your space with a constantly changing flower rotation.

Whether you want to plant large lobby planters or a single desktop plant we have the solution for your space. Contact your designer for a list of our options and pricing.