Who We Are and Why We Are Here

Our mission at Cityscapes is to transform people’s lives through the power of plants.

We provide superior design, installation and maintenance of interior and exterior landscapes. Our understanding of biophilia and the innate human emotional connection to nature guides our design process from concept through completion and beyond.


Since 1992, Cityscapes has provided fresh and distinctive interiorscape solutions to Boston’s leading hotels and corporate facilities. Our comprehensive plant services have become a respected and trusted solution for Boston’s most respected property managers, office managers, and members of the interior design, architectural, engineering and construction industries.

Our Focus
Cityscapes’ focus is on enriching your environment through biophilic design and the power of plants to make a lasting impact on everyone who enters your space.

Our Team
Recognizing that people are our most important resource, we strive to enhance each individual’s contribution to our team by creating a work environment that values collaboration, passion, pride and integrity.

As a professional services company we go the extra mile to develop and ensure our team’s dedication to our clients. In fact, the investments we make in our employees and staff sets Cityscapes apart not only in terms of quality, but in our ability to continuously evolve and serve you better over time.

Our Promise
Cityscapes prides itself on your success. We make a sincere promise to each one of our customers that you will be thrilled with the work we produce. And of course, if we do not live up to our promise, we will work with you to correct the problem until you are completely satisfied.

On behalf of the Cityscapes team, I invite you to schedule a complimentary design assessment. It will show you exactly how we can help you succeed. I look forward to meeting you soon.


Janice Goodman
President, Cityscapes Plant Care Inc.

How do we do this?

Interior Plantscapes

Indoor plants and interior gardens have been the core of Cityscapes since our start in 1992. This service has grown to incorporate far more than just plants in pots. Bring the outdoors in. We offer a range of products from dynamic arrangements to full planting beds.

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Exterior Landscapes

Transform your building’s exterior with a landscape design that resonates and inspires. Boost your curb appeal, or make sure your courtyard oasis is perfect. Our designs can be seen throughout Boston, on the street, rooftops, patios and more. We will make your greenspace a Boston destination.

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Living Walls

Incorporate the hottest biophilic design element into your space. Living walls are vertical gardens that can fit almost any existing wall or column and support a variety of plants. Living Walls maintain healthy air quality and humidity levels while delivering the stunning visual impact.

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Moss Walls

Preserved moss walls are perfect for those who want to bring life to their space but do not have the light levels or accessibility for a living wall. These extremely versatile products can range in shape, scale and color. Match a logo, fill existing architecture, hang interchangeable frames and so much more.

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Living Fernature™

Fully integrate nature into your interior design. Living Fernature TM is the fusion of nature and function. Choose from organic woods, to contemporary metals. We offer customizable options to fit your existing space. Commit to the benefits of biophilic design in every way possible.

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Holiday Décor

Make sure your space reflects the magic and sentiment of the holidays. From transforming your lobby into a winter wonderland, to outfitting your outdoor spaces with live wreaths. Keep it clean and contemporary, embrace nostalgia or let us match your current interior décor.

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The community of Boston has helped Cityscapes become a successful business and we are always looking for ways to give back. The TransPLANTed Roaming Greenhouse is our way of making plants accessible to the community while raising money for local and international charities.

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We set ourselves apart from other vendors not only in our unique plantscape designs but also in reducing our carbon footprint and therefore reducing yours.

  • Collaborate directly with architects and designers to integrate sustainable design solutions from project conception
  • Use native plant species in our permanent exterior planting designs
  • Choose interior plants that require minimal watering
  • Offering ‘Living Art‘ as an alternative to fresh cut flowers
  • Supplement season-appropriate temporary annuals and tropical plants with evergreens and perennials to reduce waste and overall cost
  • Design plantings to require minimal watering
  • Use organic and attractive top dressings and mulches to reduce water loss and decrease watering frequency
  • Design with products from vendors who share similar sustainable practices
Not only does Cityscapes design with sustainability in mind, we also operate day-to-day utilizing these ‘green’ practices and techniques.

  • Install smart irrigation systems with rain sensors to conserve water
  • Utilize similar water sensors on many interior projects with irrigation systems to avoid over-watering
  • Hand-water most interior and exterior plant sites to avoid water loss from irrigation systems
  • Practice proactive maintenance to reduce plant replacements inside and out
  • Horticulturalists use public transportation to get from site to site, reducing our carbon footprint
  • Use IMRI certified organic fertilizers, soil, and preemergant weed killer
  • Are synthetic pesticide-free
  • Reuse or compost all organic materials
  • Clean all interior plants with only soap and water
  • Recycle all paper and cardboard products
  • Recycle all plastic products including plant grow pots and trays

Living art and colorbowls are Cityscapes' signature staples. 👌Perfect centerpieces for events and parties, and a sustainable alternative to fresh-cut flowers.

Our designers are always creating unique looks using a wide variety of plants. Check out this recent arrangement and those gorgeous blooms and fancy foliage!

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Incorporating biophilia into your brand image and office design helps your employees and clients know your commitment to their wellbeing. Studies have shown that a quality workspace design leads to a less stressful and more productive atmosphere.

We love adding tasteful additions of plants to any indoor space, like this sleek, new Boston office.

Learn more about the benefits of indoor plants 👉 Link in bio.

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Happy Earth Day! 🌎 Today we take time to celebrate the Earth and consider our innate, human need for nature.

Visit our website and learn more about biophilia and how incorporating plants into places where nature is sparse can boost our wellbeing. 💚

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Boston is ready to bloom. 🌷
And we couldn't be more excited about the start of Spring and upcoming growing seasons! Our exteriors teams are hitting the streets this week and ready to start installing your spring plantscapes.

Tag @cityscapes_boston with your growing spring plantings and show us your favorite blooms.

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Cityscapes is growing! 🌿We are bringing so much biophilia to Boston and beyond, and are hiring for multiple fulltime and part-time positions.

Help Tyler out, and apply online today! Link in linktree.
👉Share and tag all of your plant-loving friends in the comments!

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Talk about the elephant in the room... check out this gorgeous, winning plant combo: a Ponytail Palm, aka the elephant's foot, beside an Alocasia odora, aka the elephant ear. How elephant-astic! 🐘🐘

Ipsen's headquarters in Cambridge is enjoying some new, exotic plant décor.

Looking for an office revamp? Cityscapes knows how to green your scene and transform your interior with the #PowerofPlants. Reach out for a free consultation today!

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@100fedbos is looking pretty green and great with these fresh ferns! 🌿

We can't wait for all the spring planting that will be happening in the coming weeks, but always, we're bringing the outdoors in and enjoying interior plantscapes!

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Today is the First Day of 𝓢𝓹𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓰 🌷

Have you planned your exterior plantings yet? It's time to grow! Get ready to see our early spring blooms take over Boston.

Interested in getting some plants for your exterior? Reach out to one of our Design Consultants today! Link in linktree.

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The best things about working at Cityscapes is the teamwork I experience daily, the relationships I have developed, and the fact that Cityscapes really cares about their employees. We also create an atmosphere together to improve our clients lives and our mission is to inspire and innovate with beautifully designed greenery.

Alex Masella, Employee 26 years / Service Representative

Managing one of Boston’s more iconic buildings is no small feat. The responsibility of up-keeping greenery that is as beautiful as the architecture around us is huge. Having Cityscapes come and design our planting beds and maintain our greenery inside and out, has made my life a breeze. I know I can count on them to perform up to my standards, while keeping everything fresh and innovative.

Brookview serves mothers and children experiencing a grueling and challenging circumstance–homelessness. Jan Goodman and her Cityscapes volunteers always lift our spirits, and make our days delightful and enjoyable. Whether they are working with the moms and kids making crafts and decorations for holidays, planting a vegetable garden, or doing exterior landscaping–their creativity elicits laughter, brings joy to our hearts, and welcomes us home. We always look forward to spending time with the Cityscapes team.

Deborah Hughes, CEO / Brookview