Janice Goodman Owner

Jan has thirty six years of experience in the horticultural industry and is in her twenty-sixth year as owner and operator of Cityscapes Plant Care Inc, the largest interior and exterior landscape company in the New England area. Jan has a degree in landscape design and horticultural technology from the University of New Hampshire and is also a registered provider for the AIA-CES (American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System) and BOMI, (Building Owners Managers Institute) offering educational credits and programs to the architectural industry and commercial property professionals.

She is a very active member in her local BOMA Boston chapter. Cityscapes received BOMA Boston’s Prestigious “Affiliate Company of the Year Award” in 2008 and Jan also received BOMA Boston’s “Affiliate Member of the Year Award in 2010.

Jan is also very active in charity work for several non-profits companies in the Boston area; such as the Pine Street Inn, American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge, Friends of the Elderly and Home for Little Wanderer’s to name a few. She started a “Future Gardeners of America” group hosting classes for local daycare and elementary school children to get their hands dirty in her greenhouses located in the heart of the city. She has built a Living wall made of edibles with the CambridgePort School and Timilty Middle school students showing them the importance of fresh vegetables in their daily diet. The Middle school wall showcased at a breakfast, for the Mayor to help attain grants for the school to become more ”Green”.

She is Chairman of her local PTO’s newly formed “Go Green Team” leading North Pembroke Elementary to form new green initiatives and also creating a program to clean-up their courtyard; transforming it into an outdoor learning classroom. She has worked with Citysprouts to start a program in that school which utilizes the outdoor environment to teach the children skills in math, science and art. Jan has set up Pot-a Plant for several years at the Special Olympics at Harvard Stadium. Over 500 plants are potted up and taken home by the athletes. It is a truly special event and every year the athletes come back and tell the Cityscapes team how their plant is growing. The mission is to create a horticultural therapy moment that enhances the Special Olympics experience for participating athletes via caring volunteers, feeling soil and repotting a plant to take home and nurture.

Recently Jan became involved in Strength to Serve with Reebok to completely transform the landscape for the Brookview House in Dorchester, a homeless shelter for women and children.

Jan has also served on the Race to Recycle committee, this is her fourth year on the TOBY Awards Committee. Jan has served on BOMA’s Benefit Committee since 2006 and her company has sponsored several BOMA events over the past ten years. Jan attends the majority of functions BOMA has to offer including speaking at a BOMA Roundtable on “Authentically Green Interiors”.

Jan considers her greatest accomplishment to be her three children, Samantha, Sarah and Olivia.

Executive Design Team

Amy Walker
Amy Walker Sales & Design Director

My favorite plant is the Bougainvillea

My favorite place in nature Nauset Outer Beach, Orleans

Kelly Pike
Kelly Pike Design Executive

My favorite plant is pilea peperomioides

And my favorite place is anywhere in the El Yunque Rain Forest

Charles Walker
Charles Walker Design Executive

My favorite plant is African Tulip Tree

My favorite place in nature Lac Bay, St. John

Neil DeMarco
Neil DeMarco Assistant Design Executive

My favorite indoor plant is a philodendron monstera and my favorite outdoor is a flowering Dogwood tree.

My favorite place in nature is being on the beach in the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

Office Support Team

Jenn Caulfield
Jenn Caulfield Director of Service & Administration
My favorite plant is Monstera.
My favorite place is Glacier National Park!
Alaura Vento
Alaura Vento Director of Human Resources
I like the prayer plant because of its name and because I think it is very pretty, and relatively easy to take care of.

My favorite place is the woods, especially on the West Coast – Washington State (The woods on the West Coast are like a fairyland).

Rob Gallant
Rob Gallant Purchaser

My favorite indoor plant is a Variegated Balfour Aralia. Outdoor plant is an Umbrella Pine.

My favorite place in nature is any beach. Ogunquit Maine stands out.

Ilana Neal
Ilana Neal Office Manager & Executive Assistant

My favorite plant is probably Sedum Dasyphyllum Minor because their leaves are so tiny, chunky, and adorable.

My favorite nature spot is any place with palm trees, an ocean breeze, and white sand.

Cherry Au
Cherry AuFinance Assistant
My favorite plant is between Christia Obcordata and Aglaonema Tricolor.

My favorite place is Mooselookmeguntic lake, ME.

Alexander Grabowski
Alexander Grabowski Master Scheduler
Becky Blizard
Becky BlizardMarketing & Design Specialist
Chloe DuBois
Chloe DuBois Marketing & Design Specialist

My favorite plant is Black Spruce.

My favorite place in nature is anywhere in the White Mountains, right below tree line (where the gnarliest black spruce are found)!

Living Art & Holiday Design Team

Arryan Murphy
Arryan Murphy Director of Living Art

My favorite plant is Mountain Laurel

My favorite place is Hermit Island, ME.

Hilerie Rose
Hilerie Rose Director of Holiday Design
Mike Ingegneri
Mike Ingegneri Living Art & Holiday Designer
Elena Gauthier
Elena Gauthier Living Art & Holiday Designer

My favorite plant is Creosote bush

My favorite place is Sonoran desert after a monsoo

Molly Shea
Molly Shea Living Art & Holiday Designer
Jeff Ferraiuolo
Jeff FerraiuoloLiving Art & Holiday Designer

My favorite plant is a toss up between a cardboard palm for its prehistoric look and an adonidia palm for the same reason.

My favorite outdoor place is hiking in the dunes of Provincetown

Warehouse & Logistics

Nick Scoppa
Nick Scoppa Director of Logistics

My favorite plant is the ZZ plant

My favoite place is the Salem Willows

Tyler Sullivan
Tyler Sullivan Assistant Warehouse Director

I’d say my favorite plant is a shefflera aribicola

And my favorite place in nature is a frozen pond in the winter.

Byron Ssejjange
Byron Ssejjange Warehouse Assistant
Will Erwin
Will ErwinWarehouse Assistant
My favorite plant is the kentia palm.

And my favorite place in nature is Siesta Key Beach

Bernie Noyes
Bernie Noyes

Operations Department

Pat Tavares
Pat Tavares Installation Manager

I love any tropical flowering trees for outdoor – more specific hibiscus and indoor Lisa canes or Hawaiian canes.

I love Island life! tropical landscape and white sand beach.

Luis Miranda
Luis MirandaInstallation Foreman
Danilson Dos Reis
Danilson Dos Reis Installation Foreman
Wolder Monteiro
Wolder Monteiro Installation Specialist
Evandro Monteiro
Evandro MonteiroInstallation Specialist

Living Wall Department

Brian Juneau
Brian Juneau Living Wall Project Manager
Eduard Capella
Eduard Capella Living Wall Specialist
Carlos Amador
Carlos Amador Living Wall Horticulturalist
Jasmine Young
Jasmine Young Living Wall Horticulturalist

Exterior Horticulture Department

Jean Oppelt
Jean Oppelt Exterior Service Leader
Rachel Finn
Rachel FinnExterior Horticulturalist
Mario Rainha
Mario RainhaExterior Horticulturalist
Tyrese James
Tyrese JamesExterior Horticulturalist
Duncan Pantos
Duncan PantosExterior Horticulturalist

Favorite Plant: Tomato Plant

Favorite Place in Nature: Woods & Marshlands

Eli Korte
Eli KorteExterior Horticulturalist
Hailey Nolette
Hailey NoletteExterior Horticulturalist

Interior Horticulture Department

Alex Masella
Alex Masella Interior Service Leader

My favorite plant is the ‘Fishbone Cactus’ (44yrs old, hand me down from my mom) and the ‘Aralia’.

My favorite place in nature is on a mountaintop with panoramic views, favs Mt. Holyoke and Mt. Sugarloaf in western Mass.

Brent McKinnon
Brent McKinnon Interior Service Leader

My favorite plant is philodendron Xanadu

My favorite place is a calm, tranquil day on the rural lakes around Princeton,Maine.

Karen Bassi
Karen Bassi Interior Service Leader

My fave plant at this particular moment in time is liriope grass…for its simplicity and graceful arching…unassuming and calming.

My favorite place in nature is at the edge…transitional zones. Where cliff meets ocean. Where meadow transitions to forest. Where marsh blends fresh and saline waters.

Marilda Machado
Marilda Machado Interior Horticulturalist
Dee LeMay
Dee LeMay Interior Horticulturalist
JoEllen Prescott
JoEllen Prescott Interior Horticulturalist

I’d have to say my favorite is the Marginata. They always look so happy!!

My favorite place in nature is the beach—anytime of the year. I grew up going to York Beach in Maine, so that’s a special place.

Liz Isenberg
Liz Isenberg Interior Horticulturalist

My favorite indoor plant at the moment is Pilea Peperomioides or “Chinese money plant”

My favorite outdoor place to go is the woods, especially during mushroom season. that or the isle of Skye, in scotland, which is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

Anne Gardiner
Anne Gardiner Interior Horticulturalist

My favorite plant is usually the one I’m with – at least, that’s what I tell them 😉

My favorite place in nature is walking through State Parks surrounded by trees.

Elizabeth Vitali
Elizabeth Vitali Interior Horticulturalist

Favorite Plant : Staghorn Fern, I have one in my kitchen for over 10 years now.

My yard in Italy nestled in the Tuscan mountains! I’ve climbed Balzo Nero several times over the years.

Cara Raskin
Cara Raskin Interior Horticulturalist

My all time favorite plant on earth is Marvin, my monstera deliciosa who just popped his first fenestrated leaf!

My favorite place in nature is Sargent Mountain Pond, Acadia National Park

Hannah Eaton
Hannah Eaton Interior Horticulturalist

My favorite plant is my Calathea Medallion, because of its rich beautiful colors.

My favorite place in nature is the top of the Iron Mountain Trail in Jackson, NH.

Denise McGee
Denise McGeeInterior Horticulturalist
Jim Burke
Jim BurkeInterior Horticulturalist
Audrey Taxter
Audrey TaxterInterior Horticulturalist
Miles Vandermeer
Miles VandermeerInterior Horticulturalist
Sofia Murzin
Sofia MurzinInterior Horticulturalist
Luna Vasquez
Luna VasquezInterior Horticulturalist
Parker DiGiovanni
Parker DiGiovanniInterior Horticulturalist
Mollie Johnson
Mollie JohnsonInterior Horticulturalist
Matthew Macdonald
Matthew MacdonaldInterior Horticulturalist

TransPLANTed Roaming Greenhouse

Janice Goodman
Janice Goodman TransPLANTed Founder

My favorite plant is a Monstera, with a close second being the Ming Aralia.

Favorite nature spot, Hiking in the woods anywhere- but especially at the Grand Teton National Forest

Tony Friend
Tony FriendTransPLANTed Team Leader
Jeff Ferraiuolo
Jeff Ferraiuolo TransPLANTed Event Staff

My favorite plant is a toss up between a cardboard palm for its prehistoric look and an adonidia palm for the same reason.

My favorite outdoor place is hiking in the dunes of Provincetown

Simone Atwa
Simone AtwaTransPLANTed Event Staff
Ariana Graziano
Ariana GrazianoTransPLANTed Event Staff

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The best things about working at Cityscapes is the teamwork I experience daily, the relationships I have developed, and the fact that Cityscapes really cares about their employees. We also create an atmosphere together to improve our clients lives and our mission is to inspire and innovate with beautifully designed greenery.

Alex Masella, Employee 26 years / Service Representative

Managing one of Boston’s more iconic buildings is no small feat. The responsibility of up-keeping greenery that is as beautiful as the architecture around us is huge. Having Cityscapes come and design our planting beds and maintain our greenery inside and out, has made my life a breeze. I know I can count on them to perform up to my standards, while keeping everything fresh and innovative.

Brookview serves mothers and children experiencing a grueling and challenging circumstance–homelessness. Jan Goodman and her Cityscapes volunteers always lift our spirits, and make our days delightful and enjoyable. Whether they are working with the moms and kids making crafts and decorations for holidays, planting a vegetable garden, or doing exterior landscaping–their creativity elicits laughter, brings joy to our hearts, and welcomes us home. We always look forward to spending time with the Cityscapes team.

Deborah Hughes, CEO / Brookview