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Cityscapes is always growing and looking for passionate people to join our team of horticulturalists, designers and landscape installers. If you are looking for a horticulture career in Boston, you are in the right place.

We value people who have a passion for plants and understand the important connection that people have with nature. We have several team members that have been with Cityscapes since the very beginning and many others that have been with our 28 year-old company for over a decade.

More like a family than a company, we want to see our people grow into the best versions of themselves and to create the most successful company possible, all while giving back to our community and keeping in mind the well-being of the planet with our green initiatives.

We are looking for people who are looking to grow with us and maintain a positive mindset and can carry themselves in a friendly but professional manner.

Our horticultural and landscape positions are based in Boston, Cambridge, and in some cases the surrounding suburbs and involve traveling to several client sites over the course of the day for installation and maintenance.


Cityscapes is looking for a reliable Delivery Driver who is concerned with customer satisfaction and transporting items in a safe, timely manner. The Delivery Driver will pick up and drop off items while adhering to assigned routes and time schedules. You should be willing to work as part of the Cityscapes team in order to ensure that the items are complete, packed correctly, and safely delivered to the correct client.

To succeed as a Delivery Driver, you should be polite and prompt with a commitment to providing our clients with an excellent experience. You should be thorough in ensuring orders are properly fulfilled, committed to work safety, and passionate about satisfying clients.

Main Job Duties and Responsibilities

A packet will be printed for you daily with attached loading sheet and route sheet.

Loading checklist to help load daily FPRs and Colorbowls/Living Art

Route checklist to help optimize stops


· All outgoing plants will be in a designated area and tagged.

· If they don’t have a tag, ask a Designer or call the Director of Design.

· Follow directions in Access packet. If notes are incorrect, let the Director of Design know and she will adjust them.

· If you can’t get into an account, let the Director of Design know immediately.


· Unload all arrangements onto a separate rolling rack.

· Leave off to the side for the Warehouse Crew to breakdown.

· Old orchids can be given away or composted.


· Delivered to Shirley Street weekly as needed.

· Keep separate from Design’s plants to avoid confusion.

· Water plants as needed.

· Compost plants as needed.

· If quantities are off, report to the Director of Design.

Skills and qualifications:

· High School Diploma or equivalent.

· Valid driver’s license.

· Clean driving record.

· Willingness to adhere to assigned routes, schedules, safety procedures, and transportation laws.

· Strong time management and customer service skills.

· Ability to walk, drive, and lift and carry heavy items for extended periods.

· Attention to detail.

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Cityscapes is looking for a Marketing Specialist.

General Purpose: Assist in planning, coordinating and executing marketing programs to support Cityscapes’ organizational objectives.

Main Job Duties and Responsibilities:

• Design and develop marketing materials such as business cards and signs

• Oversee distribution of marketing materials

• Develop and implement strategies for social media platforms

• Create social media posts, and coordinate social media calendar

• Post and track all social media advertisements and SEO reports

• Update company website and social media tools

• Add and delete personnel from website

• Create Facebook advertisements

• Edit and catalog photography

• Create blogs

• Copy write all marketing material on all platforms

• Help plan, coordinate and participate in marketing events

• Oversee loyalty and rewards programs

• Conduct market research

• Monitor competitive activity and market trends

• Monitor and assess customer feedback

• Track, coordinate and assemble data to measure outcomes of marketing programs

• Communicate with sales and production regarding product and pricing changes

• Maintain promotional materials inventory

• Maintain archive of marketing materials

• Ensure marketing activities comply with state and federal regulations

Education and Experience

• Required: at least 5 years of marketing experience

• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

• Customer service, marketing or sales experience

• Understanding of the principles of marketing

• Knowledge of marketing tools and techniques

• Proficient in relevant computer applications

• Proficient in social media marketing

Key Skills and Competencies

• Planning and organizing

• Communication skills

• Verbal and written skills

• Blog writing skills

• Knowledge of all demographics and social media platforms

• Attention to detail

• Problem solving

• Innovative

• Initiative

• Flexible

• Stress tolerance

• Team player

• Creative

• Out of the box thinking

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Seeking meticulous horticulturists with a passion for plants.

Job includes maintenance of indoor plantscapes by watering, pruning, washing, fertilizing and treating plants in and around Greater Boston’s corporate interiors.

  • Visits all scheduled accounts regularly, paying special attention to high maintenance and large accounts
  • Ensures consistent Cityscapes quality, effective performance while minimizing plant replacements
  • Waters all plants and sub-irrigation units appropriately for each plant
  • Ensures that all plants are clean and free of dust
  • Removes discolored leaves; pruning
  • Notifies service manager of any damaged or vandalized plants and containers
  • Communicates with manager and sales representative if there is an access issue on an account
  • Keep all current client inventories up to date
  • Responsible for upkeep and placement of tools and equipment
  • Reports all No-Charge Replacements into the office line with clarity and discusses potential problems
  • Actively attends regular Horticultural Services Team meetings
  • Check and treat all pest issues in compliance with Cityscapes policies
  • Remove all trash and debris from planters
  • Seek and make suggestions for improvements where needed including restaging projects etc.
  • Any additional special projects as needed
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The best things about working at Cityscapes is the teamwork I experience daily, the relationships I have developed, and the fact that Cityscapes really cares about their employees. We also create an atmosphere together to improve our clients lives and our mission is to inspire and innovate with beautifully designed greenery.

Alex Masella, Employee 26 years / Service Representative

Managing one of Boston’s more iconic buildings is no small feat. The responsibility of up-keeping greenery that is as beautiful as the architecture around us is huge. Having Cityscapes come and design our planting beds and maintain our greenery inside and out, has made my life a breeze. I know I can count on them to perform up to my standards, while keeping everything fresh and innovative.

Brookview serves mothers and children experiencing a grueling and challenging circumstance–homelessness. Jan Goodman and her Cityscapes volunteers always lift our spirits, and make our days delightful and enjoyable. Whether they are working with the moms and kids making crafts and decorations for holidays, planting a vegetable garden, or doing exterior landscaping–their creativity elicits laughter, brings joy to our hearts, and welcomes us home. We always look forward to spending time with the Cityscapes team.

Deborah Hughes, CEO / Brookview