How Interior Plantscapes Work

Interior plantscapes, or indoor plants and gardens, have been the very core of Cityscapes since our start in 1992.  Since then, this service has grown to incorporate far more than just a plants in pots.

Cityscapes offers a virtually endless variety of tropical plants, flowers, arrangements and containers for businesses in greater Boston MA.  Although we do still offer a some more economic and standard floor plant options, we also offer some amazing custom displays using containers and plants imported from all over the world.

Our interior department has grown to include living walls, which have become so popular that we have built a separate department around the amazing vertical gardens.

For a customized design experience, please contact our design team for a complimentary assessment.  A Cityscapes designer will meet you on site at your convenience and go over your needs.  We will also take light readings, and assess the existing interior design elements to come up with a design that compliments your space perfectly.

Below is a gallery of various spaces we design and service.  Be sure to check out our Living Wall and Living Art pages as well.

Office Plants and Gardens

atrium planting with small living walls

Living Art and Flowers

Living Walls