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Cityscapes Transforms Your Space.

We offer a full range of corporate interior and exterior landscape services that are sure to exceed your expectations.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Cityscapes is to transform people’s lives through the power of plants.

We provide superior design, installation and maintenance of interior and exterior plantscapes.  Our focus is to continually educate our staff with the latest in cutting edge horticulture technology and plant varieties, the end result being better product and service for our clientele.

Recognizing that people are our most important resource, we strive to enhance each individual’s contribution to our team by creating a work environment that values collaboration, integrity, passion and pride.

not just another flower shop

Cityscapes is on the cutting edge of sustainable design in the plant care industry.  From installing air-purifying living walls, to the beautiful living art pieces that are more elegant and cost effective than weekly ‘fresh-cuts’ of other plantscaping companies.

For a more contemporary solution to a lifeless space.  Stick around and dig a little deeper.

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