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 -What We Do-

Cityscapes has enriched the interior plantscapes and exterior landscapes in Boston for over two decades.  Cityscapes specializes in the plant design and maintenance of corporate offices, hotels, retailers as well as residential properties.  We invite you to discover how the natural power of plants can bring your indoor and outdoor environments alive and make lasting impressions on your customers, clients, employees and passersby.

-Set Your Business Apart-

Cityscapes’ distinctive design approach enhances your existing décor to achieve just the right feel for your space. Our impeccable interior and exterior maintenance service keeps your plants looking as fresh and beautiful as the day they were installed.  Our flowering plant and living-art arrangement rotations will give your space a constantly updating and fresh new look.

-What Can Cityscapes Do For You?-

Hotels & Hospitality – Cityscapes’ innovative foliage design techniques help you delight your guests and create the perfect brand ambiance for your property.

Offices & Corporate Facilities – Cityscapes’ green solutions can enhance your working environment to impress your clientele while increasing employee productivity and job satisfaction.

Property Managers – Our job is to make yours easier. Cityscapes’ superior service, quality assurance process and dedicated account representatives make working with us an enjoyable part of your day.

Residential – Let us find the perfect plant and container for your interior and get your yard and balcony summer-ready with our impressive seasonal installations and maintenance service.







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