Collectively, we are grappling with the wake of Corona Virus.

Cityscapes is actively implementing biophilic design as a way to move forward. We constantly boast the psychological and physiological benefits of increased greenery in built environments. Due to the rise in stress levels and unhealthy coping methods of the current times, the need for these benefits has never been more apparent.

As designers and passionate plantscapers, we are taking this challenge head on. Cityscapes is continuing to Transform People’s Lives with the Power of Plants, and we will do so, no matter what this new normal throws our way. Our team has already been implementing green solutions for softening this transition throughout the Boston area.

This increase in outdoor dining and entertaining is here to stay. You still have time rethink your temporary outdoor space. Cityscapes has transformed patios throughout the area. Replace unsightly jersey barriers with large planters. Give guests privacy, and additionally dampen traffic noise with lush greenery. Make your outdoor dining space stand out with seasonal blooms and foliage. Patio season is going to be lasting longer than ever this summer.

The benefits of outdoor plants in this new age of social distancing are not limited to public spaces.

The limitations on dining out have prompted people to entertain at home more. Does your condo building have shared outdoor space? Make sure tenants and their guests have privacy. We offer a variety of moving planters and partitions that can be relocated as need be. Along with providing privacy, increasing greenery on your rooftop or patio helps regulate temperature, making your building more sustainable.

While most of your focus may have been outdoors during these gorgeous summer months, we need to start looking inward at our places of work.

Office Management has become more aware of how important a positive work atmosphere is. The use of Biophilic Design and live plants can help with current social distancing challenges. For example, have you removed common areas to discourage unnecessary mingling? Make sure those spaces are still lively – fill them with plants. Decrease foot traffic, use planters to help indicate where to stand.

Biophilic design is, indeed, the way to move forward.

Our diverse range of products offer endless solutions to making this time of transition more palatable. Let us know your concerns. We can walk you through how biophilic design can be an all-around answer to the challenges that we are all facing.