Grow with your team, tenants, & peers.

We are now hosting virtual planting parties. These events are completely hassle free. Just pick a date and time, provide a guest list with mailing addresses, then just log into Zoom!

No more renting venues, decorating conference rooms, or cleaning up after your guests. Enjoy team building and networking from the comfort of your home – all while promoting the healthy benefits of indoor plants!

Relax and loosen those roots. Learn about plants and biophilic design from your favorite, crazy plant expert, Jan Goodman!

During these parties you can expect to:

  • Play some plant-based trivia, the winner gets a prize mailed to them!
  • Get guided instruction on how to perfectly pot your new plants. Learn about how to care for your green friends as you go.
  • Wrap up the session by bringing your houseplants into the frame. Let us know what troubles they’re experiencing, and the “plant doctor” will help you diagnose and treat them! Don’t have any plants? We will guide you on where to start!

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Why host a Stay Planted Party?

It’s a fact that plants relieve stress and improve the built environment. Have you heard of Biophilic Design? It is the process of designing while also keeping in mind the innate need to be connected with nature.. Our brain processes organic material and shapes more naturally and with ease. That means, when you are surrounded by plants, your brain uses less energy; we are more relaxed and have more power to process other tasks at hand! Your team or peers deserve the countless benefits that plants bring into our lives. Stay Planted Parties are the best way to gift those perks while having a bit of fun!

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